About Brackets & Jam

Aims and Objectives

The Brackets and Jam organisation and its members advocate the following aims and objectives and agree to the following ideals…

  • Through the efforts of our performers, volunteers and supporters on the Coast, we hope to continue…
  • To develop performing arts on the Central Coast.
  • To allow artists the opportunity to perform in a non-threatening supportive environment.
  • To encourage artists of all levels and abilities, whether professional or amateur.
  • To celebrate cultural and social diversity, demonstrating the value of this through performing arts.
  • To provide a venue that encourages the networking of artists, recognising the value of this interaction and collaboration.
  • To broaden the local audience experience, by providing a multi-arts evening on the Central Coast.
  • To facilitate community development, through arts based events and gatherings which promote social and cultural exchange.
  • Encourage the interaction of a multi-aged audience, from young children through to elderly, in an air of acceptance and tolerance.
  • Create opportunities for personal development, training and education.
  • To initiate, manage or facilitate arts based community assets.