About Brackets & Jam

Brackets & Jam on the Central Coast was founded in 1997 on the ideas and principles of Brackets & Jam Inc. of Sydney, founded in 1988 as a Bicentennial project, by a group of individuals interested in the common goal of bringing arts to the local community.

B& J on the coast has followed the guidelines established by the body in Sydney as well as adopting many of their original ideas.

The First Brackets & Jam on the Central Coast took place on Friday 14 August 1997, and has been a regular monthly event since. The support of a huge range of artists and dedication of a band of volunteers over the years has ensured that the nights are a success.

All of the artists perform free of charge, and volunteers give freely of their time and energy on the night and in the organisation of the evenings. Without this support there would be no Brackets & Jam on the Coast.

So a BIG THANKYOU to everyone who has contributed over the years, your talents, ideas, and your energy continues to be appreciated by all who come in contact with Brackets and Jam.